‘Ed from the Living History Hub came to visit our Y5 class during our Civil War topic. Ed worked hard to bring the subject completely alive for the children. He came armed with a wide range or resources and well planned activities that engaged every child. In one short day we made parchment, ink and quills and practiced writing like a cavalier. We learned about different occupations, and found out which grizzly jobs children would have had. We acted the trial of King Charles, complete with costumes and even a severed head, all supplied by Ed! The children even had the opportunity to behead a melon with an axe! This had to be the children’s highlight of the day. The children all were left in awe after their day and went home hungry to learn more about the Civil war. Thank you Ed, you brought history alive for Y5, and they will never forget your visit!

Jenn Clayton, Year 5 Teacher