History is the most amazing subject anyone can learn but it has a tendency to be quite flat and black and white. We have created a truly unique way of delivering over 2,000 years of historical content by using History as a bridge that sits across all other aspects of the National Curriculum. Our modules involve Drama, Art, Design, Science, Geography, English, Maths and Music to name a few and really put the fun into learning multiple subjects using history.

We pride ourselves in creating bespoke sessions that meet the needs of each child’s learning style, we ensure that our sessions are inclusive for all. We very much believe in the ‘Hand’s On – Mind’s On’ style in content and delivery of our modules and all our modules include a mixture of visual and practical.


Please Note – The planting and growing of the period related vegetables can be tailored to meet any history session ie: Celts, Romans, Vikings, Anglo Saxons, Tudor, Stuarts, Georgian, Victorians, WWI and WWII.

Our Modules cover over 4,000 years of History from the Iron and Bronze Ages to Vikings / Anglo-Saxons through the centuries and up to present day. Much of what we deliver to schools is about how life was lived, what people did, what they made and what was the role of a child during these periods of history. We ensure that every session delivers a board range of cross-curriculum subjects that allow a ‘Hands On / Minds Open’ approach to learning.

History Hub Modules

We have found that each school has a different requirement so in many cases we tailor our sessions to meet the needs of the staff and children. We ensure we deliver flexible, tangible and in many cases unique sessions by listening to the needs of the staff and children via our planning sessions and therefore it allows us to clearly define the learning needs and styles of the children to ensure the sessions are open to all and we maximise our time in school.

Some of the sessions that we have done in schools are listed below –

A – Study of a Child’s Life through History

B – History Detectives – Helping Children research the Past

C – Great Fire of London ( or Local History Equviliant )

D – Great History Bake Off – Historic Cooking

E- Hocus Pocus – Spells & Potions to Illness & Cures

F – A Soldiers Life throughout time – On the March

G – Forging History – Melting and Shaping Metal including Tools and Techniques from History

H – Map Makers – How and Why people made Maps

I – Bone Boxes – A mix of Archaeology and Anatomy

J – Torture Chamber – Crime and Punishment throughout History

K – Preserving the Past – How Mums and Dads kept Food safe

L – How Gun Powder Changed the World – From China to Chester, from Fireworks to Explosions

M – A Play for a Day – Class led and Character driven History Play

N – For Crying Out Loud – How people Communicated throughout History

O – Castle / Iron Age Fort / Batlefield Tours

P – Local History Study including Local History Walking Tours

Q – Historical Architecture – Temporary or Permanent, Structural Buildings and Designs from the Past

R – Story Tellers – Involving the Local Community in the tales of the Past

S – History Fest Week – School and Community Projects

T – History with Art – Painting the Past – Whole School and Community Art Projects

U – History Camp – Eating, Sleeping and Doing History with an Overnight or Weekend Camp



These modules are flexible, a school can mix and match the above to create a completely tailored and unique learning experience for their children.

An example could be as follows – A Great Fire of London study + Building Wattle and Daub structures + A Child’s Lot