FUN FIRST Education

For Schools

We provide interactive cross curricula, bespoke history sessions within your classroom and put FUN and LAUGHTER at the very heart of everything we do

For Staff

We provide Staff Training Days whereby we not only demonstrate and involve the staff in our activities but this way it also helps to bring out the inner child within the staff and they in turn pass back this learning style to their pupils

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Who are the Living History Hub Company?

We passionately believe in FUN FIRST Education and put FUN and LAUGHTER at the very heart of what we do. If you add these to education then learning happens naturally.

We are an inclusive social enterprise who believe that CREATIVITY is just as important in education as Literacy and Numeracy and that the subject of history, used in a cross curricula way is open to all regardless of learning style, age, gender, background, disability or circumstance.

Everyone can ROCK with History.

The Hands On History People