Here at the History Hub we really know how to provide an alternative to Staff Team Building Days, Staff Nights Out and continued Staff Development.

We passionately believe in the subject of history to really inspire, motivate and drive either individuals or groups who are working towards a common goal.

Our offering is completely unique and is a real alternative to the staple offering of ‘Team Building’ or ‘Team Bonding’ services that are currently the ‘norm’ offered by non-imaginative companies who sit on their hands and take the easy option of not challenging their clients or taking them out of their comfort zones. Just how many PowerPoint Presentations or ‘Corporate’ Video’s can one truly sit through without being turned off, bored and demotivated. Is this really the best use of YOUR MONEY and STAFF’S TIME

Staff Team Building Days

You will not find a laptop, computer, mobile phone or an electronic device anywhere in what we do. Our staff days are a real ‘Step Back in Time’ using techniques from the past to solve puzzles, make and cook food, build shelters, make fires without flame and live in the moment of history for a day and using these really help people gel, it really helps with teamwork and creates unity.

Gelling a group of individuals into a team, working towards ones objectives is difficult, sharing a common goal is hard to visualise and sometime even harder to achieve and yet using our Staff Day Modules we help build a togetherness, a bond, a determination that is very rarely broken.

The real cute thing is that all our modules allow staff to learn these skills and take them back into the classroom for their pupils to benefit, by learning these in a hands on way really allows teachers to immerse their pupils in Living History which is far more imaginative than books or the internet.

Staff Team Nights Out

17th Century Civil War Pub Tour

We offer our world famous Civil War Pub Tour, hundreds of groups have used this as a night out, a chance to let their hair down and let off steam. Our unique Pub Tour mixes real tales with real ales, a chance to delve deep into the rich history of a city like Chester by using 17th century buildings that are now pub to tell the tale of Civil War Chester. Go behind the scenes, into the cellars, meander through the halls and creep into the bedrooms of these age old fortresses that have seen time go bye.  

Historic Banquet

Mixed together with our Historic Pub Tour is an option for a Banquet fit for a King or Queen, taste the delights of yester-year, try food from authentic historic recipes  that you will have never tasted before and meet our resident Jester along with learning the basics of sword fighting and merry making.

Whole School Tour Discounts

When working with The History Hub, via our group company, Civil War Tours we give a blanket ‘Whole School Discount’ to be passed onto the parents and families of your pupils. This shows the school really benefitting from working with one of its partners to deliver real and tangible savings back to the its wider community and further enhances the already excellent relationship that the school has with its wider family