Our History ROCKS Roadshow visits schools to engage and motivate teachers in the amazing subject of history. We set a small stall out in the staff room and during our time at school we engage with staff and show them how they can further inspire their children in the using the subject of history and how it can also be used across the whole curriculum. We also share our ideas, things that have worked for us in the past and things that haven’t, we bring various items along with us to be used as visual aids in the classroom and help to inspire the children. We are passionate about getting children to immerse themselves in the period of study and our whole approach is one whereby the children see it, smell it, taste it, imagine it.

We’ve found these sessions to really work and be hugely beneficial to staff across all year groups, sometimes it just about ‘thinking outside of the box’. We can help plan and prepare immersive, interactive and fun sessions that can help staff deliver historical content to their children and bring the subject alive. Please email ed@livinghistoryhub.co.uk for more information and costings