This adds a whole new dimension to learning about the past, our staff with years of in-depth knowledge in their respective fields bring this knowledge to the schools and colleges that we work with. We really get under the skin of the topic, looking in much more detail as to who, how, what and why, we also encourage debate and questioning, thus ensuring these lectures to be interactive and inclusive. This lectures are and have been delivered to students in Key Stage 3,4 and 5.

Our Lectures include

We’re all Romans – The Roman Legacy

Anglo Saxon and Viking England – The men from the North and their impact on our land, culture and people.

The Celtic Fightback – How Scotland, Wales and Ireland created their National Identities

Religion – The Reformation, England’s break with Rome and the European Wars –

The Great Rebellion – Detailed look at the most momentous century in British History and the effects that it had and still has today

Absolute to Constitutional Monarchy – How the Crown changed and the significant factors that

Order, Order, Order – Parliament – Then to Now and Back Again

Aristocracy – Class War from the past through to today

The Rise of the Political Party – From Coffee Shops to the Commons

Revolution, Revolution, Revolution – A comparative study of the English, American, French and Russian Revolutions and the similarities that bind them together.

Into the Light – The Enlightenment and move away from Magic to Science and Medicine

The Agrarian and Industrial Revolutions – The Hand in Hand changes on the effect on society, culture and commerce

The Rise of the New World – How America found its Soul from the villages and towns of Merry olde England

Feminism – The Rise and Rise of Women’s Rights

The Slave Trade –  Tobacco Planters to Sugar Barons to Industrialists and the Slave Triangle

19th Century Immigration in Britain – Beyond the Pale to the Sweat Shops of Britain

Radical Britain – The Peasants Revolt to the Pole Tax Riots and everything in between

The Holocaust – First Hand Testimony of the Final Solution and the Jewish Shame