The History Resource Centre

Learning Focal Point

With our help we make the school the focal point of local history for their communities, we encourage the school to engage the local communities and become a History Hub allowing old and young alike to work together to learn from the past. Our extensive information bank allows schools to use us as an additional learning source to help teachers deliver History.

  • History Fest (Turning your whole school and community back in time)

    • Using the School as a hub to work with and involve the local community and or religious groups and or parents to create a project that engages local and national history but involves the ‘WHOLE’ school community. This is a fantastic way of involving staff, students, parents and the local community and some of the benefits of this are increased Community Cohesion, Peer to Peer Mentoring, Enhanced Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence and School Transition.
    • We have worked with Secondary Schools and Catchment Area Primary Schools who have come together to plan, create and implement Art, Drama and Music productions using the amazing tales of Local History. This is a fantastic option to allow ‘ALL’ children of an area to worked together and create ‘whole community’ project that helps further enhance a sense of pride and cohesion.
  • One Stop Shop

    • Dealing with one trusted historical supplier who can bring over 2,000 years of history to your school.
    • Tour Community Discounts – Discounting our walking tours and allowing the school to pass on those discounts to their parents and communities
  • Curriculum Planning

    • Session Plans and Schemes of Work for half or full term or even an entire year. Taking the stress and time away from staff and allowing our experts to help create a truly memorable in or out of educational learning experience
  • Staff Training Days

    • Building a team ethic using history, using the subject of history to inspire your staff and a day that’s completely unique. We get the staff to undertake many of the learning activities we do with the children, thus not only ensuring a learning experience but also further enhancing the team ethos which is so important.

Equipment Loans

Allowing the school to create unique displays via loans of costumes, artefacts, and equipment for a pre-agreed time. We can rent out any of our equipment and allow for teachers and leaders to deliver sessions using our resources and equipment

Document Bank

  • Archived Historical Document Loans
  • History Information Sheets, Lesson Plans and additional supporting material can is made available via our archive bank

Outsourcing History

Time is so critical for all teaching staff so therefore why not use our experience and knowledge to deliver the subject of History to your children. We will take over the planning and delivery of the content and provide a comprehensive lesson plan.