We have worked with a number of Councils and other Local Government Organisations to help them really maximise their own Local History and how that history impacted on a national and local level but also how it impacted the communities of the past. We offer a Consultancy based service whereby we help plan events and inclusive activities that really bring the local communities to life using the subject of history.

Motivational Speaking

Using the subject of history and its impact can really help motivate people, we can all learn from the past, the successes and failures that have spanned the centuries can be applied to modern living and inspire and motivate people.

Staff Training Days

Gelling a team of employees can sometimes be difficult, all differing personalities potentially working against each other but we really do offer Staff Training Days differently. We use a Hands-On approach by using the subject of history. Teamwork, respect, co-operation and mutual appreciation is so fundamental to the success of a team and with our staff training days then we really do get a team to bond ( plus get dirty and smelly )

Civil War Pub Tour

One of the highlights of our entire business is the Civil War Pub Tour, we have taken hundreds of employee’s from small and large companies and from around the world on this tour. It is a real alternative to a Company Night Out and combining ‘Great Ales’ with ‘Great Tales’ people have an amazing, entertaining and interactive evening with our costume guides

17th Century Banquet and Tour

Combined with our Civil War Pub Tour, our clients get a meal fit for a King, dining in a real 17th-century establishment our customers choose from our varied 17th Century menu and have a full evening of entertainment and activities whilst being entertained by our resident jester and cavalier guides. Along with drinking the aged old drink of Mead, clients can eat Swan, Fish, Duck, Broth, Blood Pudding and much more and after dinner we encourage our clients to engage in sword fighting and merry making